The Rain and a bottle of Myrrh

So… what I did today was crazy and carefree.  I stood out in a rainstorm, a downpour. I let the rain, the VERY COLD rain soak me. I listened to what the water might reveal. We all know it cleanses, but there was more for me to understand this day, this time. I  had stepped out in random obedience to thought and in turn, found an authentic truth that God wanted me to remember.

Now in this moment of rain and revelation, I was reminded of my favorite story of Ester.  The love story between God, Ester, and her King.

Ester was taken from a loving home and placed into a form of bondage. To be transformed into something of beauty externally so that the flesh of a man would choose her to be a queen.  The thing is, Ester had such inner beauty and that is what drew a king to love, not lust.  She did not want nor need to adorn herself with much..her faith was her adornment, at least that is how I see it.

In her “cleansing”, her preparation the oil of Myrrh was used. It is of course one of the three oils given to a baby Jesus. Its properties are powerful and protective and in that time, incredibly expensive.  I have a passion for essential oils, especially biblical. Just like all that is around us in the world of creation, they carry meaning and purpose. If we only look.

Back to the rain…the water..that day I stepped out into a physical experience and received so much more. I love God, and love when I am in tune to hear…and I was in that moment.


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