What are Human rights?

I have a lot running thru my mind at this very moment..seeing and listening to all that has happened in our country. Seeing and hearing, what is one to do with what one sees and what one hears?? So much talk of “rights” these days.  Human right is in all things.. it is part of this Life, a given tool where we are suppose to learn and grow, but we humans seem never to do that.

Humans repeat  shortcomings and greediness generation after generation but we also always have a remnant of good in each generation.   No matter the color, ethnic background or preference we ALL will face an end, a reckoning. It is not a judging by human standards. It is said to be one that is done regarding our choices made here on earth. It is the only judgment that counts!

Years ago I was at the folly of a predetermined life.  I believed others knew better, were smarter, had more degrees etc. I wondered and made a mess of things but as I  stumbled and “failed” hard I continued to search. After a near death illness, an undeniable encounter of the heavenly kind..I found a truth, a love like no other. Life in a way that shocked those around me.

Today, I strive to live by my found TRUTH , rather imperfectly though.  Yes, I am a Christ follower, born again of Spirit. Yes, I read the Bible, study it’s history, it’s precepts as well as strive to live a life simply, un-complicating all the “you must’s”.  You know  the “must have” “must do” and “must be”.  Now, I love to learn life as it was intended.

Not long ago I attended a funeral, a Life celebration.  I helped honor a woman that gave me so much wisdom and love when we met on life’s road. For a season our lives intertwined in sisterhood, friendship and actually she was a mom to me, a good and loving mom.  My last talk with Momma Hall was about how much I wanted to just quit everyone and everything. I could not see my way thru this season of intensity I have been in.  She just patted my hand, cupped my face and said “I love you, God loves you, He knows.” She also said ” Hang on to HIM”..such a warrior of Faith my Momma Hall and with her few words..she gently prodded me out of a depressed thought and back into strength of vision and purpose.

At Momma Halls  passing, I attended and sang with the choir at her celebration of life.   I looked around, saw such a mixture of faces and differences. We had all come together to honor a woman who made a choice to live her life in a way that blessed each and every person she met… she simply LOVED and she prayed.

Momma Hall had book upon book of names of the people she met and what was prayed. It did not matter if she saw you once or many times, she prayed. Momma Hall strived her whole life, raised a family in the midst of a civil movements. She lived and died. Other than those who loved her, the world will never know Momma Hall and what she gave. She was anonymous. Was she?

All of us have been given the human right to choose..so what kind of choice are you making this day? Make it count, not for the sake of “being known” but for the sake of  peace. Peace of mind, heart, soul and Spirt. For the sake of LOVE. It is the only Human Right that truly matters.



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