About janmichele

 Hello and welcome,

  This is my place, a writing corner to share creative perspectives.  Life is not meant to be easy however it is a most amazing journey.

 I am a creative being, simple and yet complex in life and how I live.  Once having had much in way of things I now prefer the simplicity of “less”.

I write randomly but hope  I can apply some of my youthful discipline and prose more often. Writing is what I enjoy yet life seems to distract me on a regular basis.  I wish to contribute some sort of human legacy. My footprint in the sand so to speak.

I am single in life so I have the opportunity to explore, give or receive without the constraint of obligation, other than to love and be a positive, not a negative here on planet earth.

Now, take a breath, relax and hope you enjoy my bantering…


“When life gives you challenges, armor up and be more than a conquer! Make something beautiful from the ashes”.   jmichele