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Note..I wrote this blurb in 2010 on another blog format.  I decided to move it here since this is my Web home. Its random but I like it because I am random. 

Life has always been filled with music for me… as I was such a grand surprise the overture was played with great anticipation.  My mother was never to have children so I am indeed a miracle and I might add wonderfully made according to Word of God.  Life as little sister to Jon (or Zon as I called him) and as the curly headed cherub was filled with wonder and many adventures.  I would say that the adventures have never stopped in all the years that have followed and indeed those earth years are indeed adding up!
My hair is curly and free after years of my trying to make it straight and manageable..sorta like me..I guess we all try at some point to change who we were meant to be from the beginning…as Abba’s plan is perfect…I have learned not to mess with the original idea of me.
I love music, music of love, music for heartbreak, music for hardship and strife, I hear the music of nature and life as I journey on this road towards a place known as Beulah land  There is indeed a joyous finale of all our lives coming, the grandest finale with heavenly music which I can only imagine!
A final act has begun so I shall continue my journey hearing the music as those who journey ahead of me.  I wonder at all  music, both past, present and future as time echoes and the light shines waiting only to rise for the finale …it will be spectacular.
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